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The Great Crazy Quilt Along 2019

Monday, April 29, 2019

Do you love the look of crazy quilts but didn't feel qualified to make a crazy quilt?

I'm here to tell you that I feel crazy quilting can be the conduet to more inspiration into your journey of becoming a quilt maker. Whether you've made many quilts or you are just starting out. Crazy quilts free your mind and your maker instincts to go CRAZY!

Its simple and free-wheeling which becomes a simple block of crazy piecing or it can become an inspired landscape, a jeweled beauty of the kind that win awards. 

Most times, the only criteria is that each seam sewn is flipped to the good side and pressed. Grab another chunk and sew and flip. 

Covering each raw edge is one technique, the sky is the limit. 

Adding the hand or machine embroidery is done as you go or after each block is all done. Its your choice.

At this point, I'd really like to invite you to check out my Crazy Quilting Tutorial.
Make your own one block or a set of 4 blocks makes a nice sized starter quilt. But its totally up to you. I love to make crazy quilts pretty much all the time I have to make quilts.

And so I found myself on Easter weekend sitting in the sun with the continued endurance of keeping the Air Cast a whole month more. Its so boring. I have so many lovely things that I'd like to be doing in the beautiful spring sunshine, but I can't. Fourteen months later, my left ankle is in an real proper Air Cast with little air filled cushions on either side and two velcro straps to tighten it to your comfort level. So many mistakes made on this simple accident 14 months earlier and what do you do when your doctor doesn't see or feel the pain and swelling, suggests a cane and you end up becoming a victim of poor doctoring.

So this is my last crack at the can, to hopefully shrink the tendon somewhat in two months of immobility and wearing the Air Cast for all walking. Its been quite trying and you do start to feel old. But I feel unheard. I feel like "What the F*&^k?" is wrong with our doctors. This one is clearly unworthy in my case and I can't imagine how many other female patients have felt like this?

But I digress. I had sought the soothe my soul in the sunshine and began the #thegreatcrazyquiltalong2019

Its found at my @carlithequilter stream on Instagram. I'd love to have anyone who has a cell phone and would like to share our perspective and ideas of quilting in general, textile art, and so much more.

Its interesting, it takes just a few minutes to snap a photo  and write a brieg note, add my hastags and post it to my Instagram feed. Simple dimple.

Writing a blog post takes time and planning.

So if you decide to join me at my @carlithequilter feed on Instagram, you're likely to see more of my work in shorts bits of fun.

So come along, I know many of you are crazy quilters and its so fun, do join me.

There is so much going on! Its so much fun to have found a groove that I can work, rest and feel settled after our move two years ago to Duncan.

Upcyled Linen Top - Hand Embroidery Embellishment

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Hi everyone!

Spring has sprung in my part of the word and upcycling tops for summer fever has hit my sewing room.

This top was a lovely pleated top when I bought it at a garage sale. But alas, once I got home and tried it on, it was shorter and I suspected that was why it was being sold. So onto my list of unfinished things came this sweet top.

At the very next garage sale, I found an equaly lovely pillow case in the splatter pattern using lime green, black and white colors. This was a perfect fit for upcycling this linen top by adding in the bottom edge, a slight ruffle was sewn on to being showing just about 3-4 inches. But working with clothing that has already been washed and dried takes patience.

Once the ruffled addition was on, I went straight to covering up the machine seam with hand embroidery.

Black, White embroidery X stitches across the seam while leaving room for a repeat of a second color. I think it was very effective and I soo love to embellish clothing.

Then onto the front color and sleeve cuffs.

Press the garment and its ready to go.

Those of you who love to play with uncycling and actually intend to wear the garment yourself will appreciate the fast intermission of embellishment. Its KING in upcycling I think. Its the smart maker that uses it very effectively.

I have added pockets on the front, they were really necessary.

Happy Sunday, Happy Stitching.

Pink Birds Crazy Quilt Finish

Sunday, April 14, 2019

I've been playing with Contained Crazy Quilts for quite some time. I like to put borders around things, its true. I love putting borders around my scribbles, in my writing, doodling around the edge. I really like this border in bold RED and black.

Pink Birds crazy block is a contained crazy block, I liked the calming influence of this setting the one crazy block inside its dark beige border. Now, for me to put beige anywhere near by work is a rare thing to see.

Beige is not a color to me, I find it all too often in homes these days and can hardly wait to cover it up with some awesome orange or red paint. But this time, for this piece, it just called out for a low key background. Beige and pink give this piece a patient femenine feel as pint sized birds south, settling in like they'd been there all the time!

But I'm loving getting back to making fun feminine clothing, some made from "new from my stash" and some upcycled from other clothing too. This Egyption fishing vessel from some old rubber stamps bought at a thrift store have proven to be fun to print onto my hemp/cotton cloth I love to make clothing from, but it always needs to be dyed first.

This quilt has some new directions for me as well. It all began with play. 

I machine quilted the entire size of the little quilt top in my own swirly fern leaf pattern.

Then it sat patiently for 5 years while I went back and forth between my new homeland and my old homeland.

Its been a block moved here and there in my new sewing room. Finding a home for a while in a drawer and then back into a bin. Do you have sorting of semi-finished projects going on too?

When the Pink Birds arrived and began getting comfortable on this block. I was sitting on a lawn chair with my Spring Salmon rod in its Bar Fishing holder, pounded into the rocky beach of the Skeena River. It was semi cloudy day with varying temperatures. So you see I've been stitching out of doors for decades.

It was a new thing for me to hand embroider overtop of machine quilting. I did find that the sandwiched quilt for hand embroidery a wee bit of a challenge. But then I started thinking "isn't that just called Big Stitch Quilting?"

The thickness was bulky and harder to get my needle through it all.

Pink Birds is one of those Improv quilts where you can see it hung in a variety of settings. 

I am slowly moving through progress on many of my unfinished items. One at a time.
#slowstitching #handmade

Heart Crazy Quilt Finish

Monday, March 25, 2019

I just love crazy quilts.

This 32 1/2 in square quilt is one that again, I worked on over years.😊😊

I believe I started the centerpiece Heart back in 2006 while recovering from total knee replacement. The hand embroidery was a fun activity in between all the exercises in recovery. 

I did Feather stitch across all the seams on the heart shape. Then I was stuck with what to do for the continuing project. 

You know how that goes. But as time went on, I discovered the beautiful rust colored satin in a vintage thrift store and I knew the next stage immediately.

On this Heart Crazy quilt, I actually combined braid piecing in the heart, not crazy at all, but then the stitiching helps to pull all that into focus. You'd hardly notice the variance if I hadn't brought it up. Nevertheless, its taken to a new home with gusto.

As always I love the autumn colors and so does my sister who this quilt was made for and delivered to her recently, therefore I can share the full story.

I didn't center the centerpiece, I placed it off center for even more drama and quickiness!

Sister we are and so much love and respect has gone into this quilt. Her vibrant, take no BS kind of achievement in her business made this quilt even more special to make.

On this quilt, as with many of my crazy quilts, they begin with love.

I was looking for a spot to include Sujata Shah's piecing from her book Cultural Fusion Quilts.

Art is the presence in my life that is one of great joy.

The sunshine was beautiful last week in Victoria where my sister and I had a wonderful time.

Hoping you all are having a great start to the week!

Clothing Patterns to Die For!

Thursday, February 28, 2019

There I went, getting distracted again. Buts its OK because some wise crazy quilter named Julierose left me a lovely reminder that not all projects are destined for completion and I've begun culling down to only the projects I really like.

 I purchased the Lenox Shirtdress from Cashmerette last year. It and the lovely rayon fabric sat waiting for me and finally a few weeks ago, I was able to put it onto the front burner and start cooking.

Its a great pattern! I love how the bodice is nicely fitting to my bosom and the design is supreme, highly recommend it. It will become a favorite pattern, used many time in the future. I have a little story about this shirt dress.

I've been combing pattern books at many fabric stores searching for a really good shirt dress pattern. But until I discovered The Lenox Shirtdress, I was unhappy with all of the them. I didn't want a 'sack dress' I was determined to find a great fitting shirt dress and here it is.

On another note entirely, I came down with the Shingles virus last week and that is a trip alright!

I had begun with some red blotches that were itchy, but it was the speed of their progression that forced me visit emergency room at our local hospital in Duncan. Sure enough, Dr. Lough pronounced me having Shingles. I was a little alarmed at first due to so many other folks I've known over the years that said it was nasty. But if you catch it early its best to get started onto the anti- viral drug and L-lysine 1000 mg 3 times a day.

Except for 1 and half days of vomiting and other uses of the toilet, including high fever, increasing with new blotches, things are getting better and I'm only 6 days into this virus. 

In case you didn't know some of us as kids are exposed to the chicken pox virus, we don't get the virus. But its hangs out in our body waiting until the right set of circumstances arise. My sister says stress is connected. Others online say that it just rises up for no particular reason. But I'm here to tell you that yes, lesions do appear and yes they are painful and itchy, but not anything that Tylenol can't help. So be aware.

Off to carry on with resting. Bye for now.
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