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Mountains in the Mist

Saturday, October 24, 2015

When you live somewhere as beautiful as the Bulkley Valley of Beautiful British Columbia, you can be overtaken with a new realization of our spectacular home.

This photo shows the most prominent of all mountains, Hudson's Bay Mountain. Home to powder skiing, x-country and downhill only minutes from down town.

This photo was taken in about January one year, not much ice frozen on the river this year.

This photo show the Babine Range in the background and this small but lovely set of cabins is a great place to catch lake trout.

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  1. How beautiful! What a wonderful place to live! Christine x

    1. It really is a beautiful place to live. Come visit sometime? Thanks!

  2. Beautiful British Columbia! Always a thrill.

    1. Yes, it really is beautiful. Thanks for commenting. It sounds like you've been here?

  3. It's beautiful. You'd never tire of a view, like that.

    1. Hi Jo, its officially winter today, it snowed overnight! Thanks for your kind comments and if you are ever in the area, do let me know, so we can do coffee!


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