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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hello my quilty friends! Wow, the technology we use sometimes comes back to haunt us! This whole loss of photos on several of my recent posts I believe were my home computer and my phone just not talking to each other. 

I'm sure you've all been there in some way or another?

I know all of you, who are all over the latest technology upgrades etc and etc. You are younger than I and I just want to use the darn technology, not have to have a degree in technology otherwise, its all for not! Have you all noticed that those of us over 50 actually do have a vote.

Hopefully, you'll continue to follow my blog even though I'm done with changing between photos taken with my phone and those taken by my own camera. It's really quite exhausting to try and keep up with all the changes required for cell phones.

So simply said, I'm not taking photos anymore with my phone unless its an emergency! I'm going back to my perfectly good digital camera.

As you can imagine, my life has had added stress to my every day trying to figure this all out by myself. Because we all know that when you have a lifetime to waste, you can spend gazillions of days trying to use the F&Q on to solve your Blogger problems.

I know I'm ranting but I rarely do this on my blog, so give me some accolades for  being over 50 and trying to learn all this stuff. OK?

Enough already! I'm going hand quilting and that's exactly what I've done to eliviate my recent photo stress. I love hand quilting and quite frankly its been an awesome diversion.

As you can see, I do use a hoop. I totally love this hoop, I won it when my Silver Linings CQ was deemed lovely enought to win 1st prize at the 2004 IMP and Quiolt Show in Ontario, Canada. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I bet all of you are agreeing with me, by laughing out loud at the tenacity it takes sometimes to use all the confangled devices and such. I don't care it it makes me sound old and cranky!!

I am not old thinking or cranky for no reason. I do hope that is reading this, so they can help the consumer connect all this stuff before we all over 50 yrs old, sign off on the whole darn lot of it. You know what I mean?

I just love the dimply affect that hand quilting gives you. No amount of machine quilting will do it for you. Its all the slow quilting movement, with slowly working along with needle and thread in hand.

Do you see this ripply little wee line of hand stitching across the vast expanse of cream solid?

And while you're responding with your thoughts on hand quilting, you can count on me over at my temporary sewing womb starting another of Sujata's quilts. Want to join me, let me know in a comment. Cool come on ladies, it will make an awesome Christmas quilt!

Happy Quilting!


  1. I take all pictures with my phone now...all. I send them all to Drop Box and edit them from there with Pic Monkey. Easy peasy. I hooked Terry up to my Drop Box too so if he gets one I want I just send it right over. Do you know you can actually CALL Google to get help with your devices? They are awesome. I was having issue with my tablet after an update. Went to the help screen in settings, found contact us, left my number and they called me in about 20 seconds. Don't suffer, they may be able to help.

    1. carol, thank you for pointing out hope. I've not had much luck finding any contact us other than an email address. I will send feedback from my blog first and see if anything changes. Thanks!

  2. I mostly use the phone camera now; my new one takes such great pictures. They are automatically uploaded to two places; a smaller screen-sized version to Google, and the full resolution to Flickr, which I've been using for seven years.

    I don't like using much technology while I sew, though. I like using my hands. I'm the same way about cooking, games, and puzzles.

    1. Interesting that many of us are using phone camera's. The camera in my phone is really good resolution, so I'd sure like to find a way through this. Thanks for your help.

  3. Well at least you can pat yourself on the back that you know how to even get your pictures off your phone in the first place! I have yet to figure THAT one out!! We won't discuss how my book managed to save itself as a docx and not a pdf, despite my attempts to the contrary....and the hours (and days) of frustration I went through to figure it out. Oh the wonders of technology!!

    1. That is easy for me, I have a google account and I installed the App Google Photos onto my phone. Then each time I take a photo on my phone its uploaded to Google Photos. But this is where my issue starts. Its when I take a photo from Picasa, then edit it, put on my watermark and then for some reason, some of these photos just dissappear from my blog.

  4. Your quilt is looking fabulous. Love the hand quilting. I am in the process of requilting a quilt that I made almost 30 years ago. It is such an enjoyable pastime and I agree that there is nothing like the look and feel of hand quilting. Would love to make a quilt from Cultural Fusions but am not sure I have the time. Life is very busy at the moment!

    1. I agree 100% Karen, love hand quilted quilts. Whole lot more fun long term because it doesn't bother my back. I will share here when its posted. Take care and you'll be fabulous with your workshops!! Hands down there, just know it!

  5. isn't it ironic that our old fashioned ways are the very ones that help get us through the annoyances of the new fashioned? I love to hand quilt but haven't done any for a long time but my crocheting helps me. I take photos with my video/digital camera and sometimes cut stills from my videos. It took me a while [I am much older than you so it takes me longer] to discover that once uploaded, my photos were stored on my blog, otherwise they are on my computer/flash drive/external hard drive or since I am paranoid about losing anything-on all of them. I am rather pleased with this old lady for making as much headway into today's technology as I have and you should be pleased with yourself also. I have found that when trying to explain to techies what I do with my computer and printer [printing on fabric] they don't have a clue about what we do either. The connection with my Etsy shop is gone from my blog page and I can't get it reconnected so having tech issues also.

    1. Hi Carolyn, I had to delete this comment as it arrived twice on this post.

      Yes, I'm proud of you doing all you do on the techy end of things and on your marketing. I'm still having modem issues so hopefully now that a 'ticket investigation' has opened they will fix it soon.
      Thanks so much for your newsy comment!

  6. Lovely hand quilting! Almost looks like stippling! I can't wait to see what you do with The Gardens Of A King! It will be interesting with your modern touch of fabrics! Sorry about your photo problems. I take photos with my camera too and have not experienced any problems. My fingers are crossed!!

    1. Hi Missie, I'm sorry that my time to see the photos etc coming up on your Yahoo forum has been limited. Yes, its on my mind to get the fabrics out and actually start making something, I'm itching to start, but have my deadlines on projects here ongoing and with this Internet issue, its bogged me down and fighting to stay focused.

      Missie, I am really pumped about starting your pattern and looking forward to learning more EPP in this sense of the word going beyond hexies. Thanks so much for popping by.


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