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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

I've quietly working away on multiple projects. Some hand work, some machine work and some in between.

Its been a wee bit sad around our home with two friends being ill with similar issues and losing one of them has taken its tole on me.

I get reflective and don't chat much.

I have sewing more clothing for myself. I'm really getting off on it actually!

And our busy girl who goes to work with her Master needed a work gear upgrade which I happily made for her.

Plus springtime is finally happening in the Cowichan Valley. And my shoes with a lift on my left shoe has become the new normal.  I've had to undergo a lot of pain, swelling, repeated injections and I walked with a left a waking cast for nearly 7 months. All in an effort to save the mobility I still have. I have arthritis, asthma and a sciatic nerve that gets pointy and excited really easy.

This new project is scheduled for completion by March 16th. My sweet sister and I are having our annual Girls Get Away. I must present well in my new fashions!!

So this my favorite Jean Jacket getting an overhaul.

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